BOCCE BALLS Tina Stern-Bocce (Principal) Bocce Balls Productions Barbara Ricci
THE GIFT OF THE MAGI Della (Lead) Overlook Productions Gianni Quaranta
THE BAR SCENE Julie (Principal) Playhouse Four Productions Steven Levine
THE PLAN Two Seconds (Principal) Danger for Three Productions Asher Tabak
ANGELA Bella (Principal) Independent Film Andres Guiterriez
EMAIL MY HEART Harmony (Principal) Independent Film Anthony Laura
THE CROSSING Virginia (Lead) NYU Thesis Film Dennis Liu
FIGHTING FOR CANDY Candy (Principal) NYU Films Matt Cross
JELLO DOWN Reporter (Principal) NYU Films Matt Cross
EL ANSIA Vampire (Lead) NY Film Academy Tomeo Xamena
GARDEN OF GOOD & EVIL Tammy (Lead) NY Film Academy Tammy Sanderson
DISTRACTED Erica (Lead) NY Film Academy Vernon McCoy
SOLE DECISION Dream Girl (Lead) NY Film Academy Jason Faustino
DOUBLE TROUBLE Girlfriend (Lead) NY Film Academy Jason Faustino

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Height: 5 6
Bust: 32
Waist: 25
Hips: 34
Dress: 2
Shoe: 7.5
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green